Is This What You Want?! (Album)


Is This What You Want?! (Album)


"Is This What You Want?!"
Fast, furious and funky.  The Hurricane wall of sound is crisper and cleaner than it's ever been!  Featuring the ever clever Mr. Bergsma at the main mic, and Sylvie Kindree with her saucy hooks.  Blasting through the New Orleans inspired "Birthday Cake" or the 70s funk "Roll With the Punches" which features Jack Shitt of King of the Dot fame.  The first single "Bottles Into Money" shows the band returning to the form that made "Pushin' Up Daisies" a hit.  Start to finish, this album should live in your car.  Just don't send us the speeding tickets.

Track Listing:
1. Smoke & Mirrors
2. Birthday Cake
3. Roll With the Punches
4. Smile
5. Bottles into Money
6. Head Above Water
7. Grapes

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